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Wild Domestics: 
More than just art

Wild Domestics is about creating for the sake of creating and using art as a path towards growth and finding purpose.  I value my community and the role that I play in the bigger picture. I hope to show my daughter that true happiness is doing what you love, living stress free, and accomplishing what you set your mind to.  I want her to see me succeed in creating art to bring more beauty to the world, helping others discover their light, and finding a way to disconnect from the darkness that can burden us.  I want to show her how this can strengthen community bonds, reconnect people with nature, learn from each other, be inspired by those we meet, while also growing closer to ourselves.  I am committed to creating without inhibitions, in the hopes it will inspire her and others to do the same.  For inside, we are all artists.  Everything we do is art.  And everything we see is art. 

I love doing custom pieces, as well as experimenting.  I love creating, and I love destroying.  I love feeling connected, and I love breaking attachment.  I love this art, and hopefully you do to.  


My job is simple,  live to the fullest, be the happiest, and express my gratitude.  Hopefully, I foster creativity , inspire others, work consciously, and share my art with my friends, my family, my community, and the world.  

Thank you & Enjoy

 Savannah Lawton

                  Creator of 



Founder of 

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